Our Nordic approach

Birch, or Bjørk as we say in the Nordic countries, is for us the beauty of the Nordic flora. It represents resilience, beauty and originality.


Bjørk is coping in the harsh Nordic just as well as her rougher brothers the spruce and the pine, almost like a defying statement implying that to survive and look good does not exclude each other. For us is Bjørk a symbol of the modern Scandinavian way of life.

We have decided to name our lifestyle concept after the beautiful Bjørk tree.


Our heritage


In the Nordic, as in all parts of the world, we have a long and proud history. This is the history of a people, a people who through hard work and toil have found a peaceful and harmonic way of living, a people who have been lucky enough to be born in a place where nature grants them life, livelihood and inspiration.


Our history is the foundation of our heritage. While we are proud of our heritage, we are also inspired by history and heritage from all around the world.
Wherever we travel to look for new locations for a Bjørk coffee house, we are looking for premises where you can "feel" the passage of time, we are looking for local partners who can provide us with local ingredients so we can benefit from the local cultural "treasury" as well as the Nordic culture. 


Our home


Nordic nature is unique and diverse. From the flat lands of Denmark to the mountainous coast of Norway. From the volcanoes and geysers in Iceland to the great lakes in Sweden and Finland. The northern lights and deep fjords, the fog coated forests and the polar nights.


A massive area of land that has always been inhabited by a small number of people. A people who at one time worshipped nature and believed it had divine powers. Such worship is long gone, but the respect and love for the nature is still rooted in all Scandinavians. Nature has been cold, harsh and brutal to the Nordic people, but at the same time it has given them life, livelihood, shelter and inspiration. 

As a true Scandinavian, Bjørk is inspired by, in love with and grateful to nature and we try to celebrate it in all aspects of our concept.