Our Coffee

At Bjørk we want to show our love for coffee and share the pleasure of enjoying it together. Coffee plays a central role in our culture as an important ingredient in people`s social life wherever and whenever we meet


Coffee comes from places far away from our shores. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and has a proud and strong tradition for roasting, brewing and enjoying coffee in a beautifully ceremonial way. Coffee has since travelled the world and is being prepared and enjoyed in many different ways. In recent years the Nordic countries have become destinations for culinary travellers, including those looking for coffee!

Seasonality in coffee is one of the intriguing features of this wonderful product that suits our Nordic spirit so well. We love all the seasons of the year and we enjoy what each of them has to offer.
Each coffee lot that is offered at Bjørk is sourced and bought by one of our hand picked coffee partners.

Coffee is grown at different times of the year depending on country and cliimate. That is why we work hard not only to give you the most awesome coffees available, but to bring them to you at the right time after they are harvested at source. The freshly roasted coffee from our partners is available at Bjørk only for a limited time, but we will replace your favourite coffee with another as soon as it runs out.